"We Three"

"We Three"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The very non-erotic naked person I saw today...

We began the drawing phase of our figure drawing class today. Dear Kevin had to regale us with an anatomy lesson first, and some guidance on proportions which were actually quite useful, and then we got down to the nitty-gritty. Don, our model, had stood in his Bermudas for Kevin's talk, then shed every little thing and stood fully frontal for his first pose. I was so busy trying to get everything the right size (yes, everything, even that), I forgot to notice that he was naked. We drew three different poses, from different angles. I took a look at all the other efforts and had to laugh at how many overstated those pesky genitals that were just hanging out all over the place. In relation to the figure, they weren't particulary large, in my estimation, and actually, as genitalia go, quite nice. I got some pretty good stuff down on paper, if I say so myself. I have a way to go, but I am not starting from the very bottom of the pack, that's for sure. It's a God thing, this talent for drawing. What a gift it is. And what a gift this model was, too. Nice body, sweet smile.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What a zoo!

I had forgotten what the first days of school were like. I arrived early and still had a hassle parking. Heck, even getting into the garage was a challenge. The left turn lane was two blocks long, and I wound up on the 3rd floor, the highest I have ever had to go to park so far, so the garage is not a well-kept secret anymore. Because the cafeteria is closed for remodel, there are 6 food courts around campus, all of the al fresco, so I hope they finish that job before it rains. It was a delight, though, after drawing class, to linger over a swell chicken salad beneath the trees, just sitting on the wall of the planter. Two of my friends found me there. But I am ahead of myself. An old buddy, Kayla, is in my drawing class. She is very, very cute, bubbly, blond, and sweet. I think this class is going to be a hoot, because Kevin (our teacher) promises we will be drawing a lot. This did not happen enough last semester, and will be mostly due to the fact that we have models coming in, and that's what they are there for, to draw. Kevin filled our 3 hour slot with a long exposition on the course, and some slides, too. Then I met up with Travis and Victoria at lunch, after which I headed over to get my new student ID, but the line was so long (and so slooooow), I wound up leaving for my next class, sociology across the street. It looks like a whole bunch of fun. She also let us out early, which was good, because I did not have all the books I needed, occasioning another trip to the bookstore, where they know how to do it. Despite the long, long lines, I was in and out with alacrity. I hit the art supply store on the way home for some supplies, and now have organized my Artbin and packed the portfolio for storage in the locker I got right away before class, and was surprised to be assigned the very same locker I had last year! Now, what are the odds of that! Different combination, though. Well, I memorized my student ID#, nine digits, I can certainly remember five more, right? God, I hope so. One more first day, tomorrow, then I had better be onboard, because as I remember, it takes off pretty fast from there. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I just love being a college student!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Adieu, summertime...

Ah, that was the summer that was. School starts on Monday, so goodbye rushing off to the movies on a whim, especially when it is hella-hot and I just need some cool dark place to be. It has been a summer to remember, movie-wise, topped off with that uncharacteristic and pretty hedonistic trip to the big City for Harry Potter in Imax 3D. I saw my last one last night, just because it is my final weekend of freedom for a while, Death at a Funeral. I am not particularly fond of screwball comedies, unless they star Cary Grant. But I fell in love with Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy in the new Pride and Prejudice, and wanted to see what he could do as a stodgy, somewhat fluffy author wannabe in a comedy. Surprise, the theater was packed and I was relegated to a seat in the third row, so my neck got a nice stretch, too. It took a while, but in the end, we were all roaring. And my guy did not disappoint. He has a sweet nuance to his demeanor that did not beat us about the head and face, but left this viewer with gratitude for his restraint. Most reviewers like this picture, I found out afterward (I try not to read reviews first, feeling my own opinion is all that matters, anyway). It was a fitting swansong for my summer. Now if I can just get that ##$%&$* lawn mowed.

Friday, August 10, 2007

All will be revealed...

Now I know why I stay away from the mall. I came home yesterday, $140 lighter. Well, the Gap was having this sale, and I got three really swell tops (school clothes, you know) for $50. That's not a bad deal, Gapwise. Then this sweet young thing stopped me and bamboozled me into buying her product. Actually, I was not much of a hard sell after she demonstrated it to me. You see, I have always wanted to look well-groomed. And I always fell short, no matter how carefully I arranged my hair, painted my toenails, pressed my clothes, or made up my face, because my fingernails are always a mess. They are usually all different lengths because they split and tear very easily. The cuticles look like little pieces of rope that have been frayed one too many times. I try, really I do. I file them, I use all kinds of chichi lotions (gifts from my daughter, mostly) several times a day. But I also wash my hands 15 times a day (tired old bladder, also a gift from my daughter), which dries everything up even worse, not to mention turpentine when I clean up after painting. And to add insult to injury, a couple of my nails are now ridged like wide-waled corduroy. Well, back to that sweet young thing at the mall, who took my hand and looked at my nails, ouch. She said, choose one and give it to her. So I gave her a puckered, ridged one. Might as well make this a challenge. She said "Prepare to be amazed." And she took this little cube and buffed it to a brilliant shine! Without polish! So I bought the whole shebang from her, kind of expensive, but well worth it. There is a year's worth of manicures in that box, and it is really easy, does not involve sticky polish that gets all over the cuticle, and other surfaces, too. And the cuticle oil has improved those little suckers, too. And it is strange, but my nails feel harder and denser than they did before, too. She said the buffing massages the nail bed and encourages stronger nails. Well, whoop-de-doo! I cannot stop looking at my nails! This is really exciting for me. Now, if I could just afford that facelift.