"We Three"

"We Three"

Monday, December 31, 2012

A bird for the new year...

I hadn't painted in so long, I doubted my ability to do it.  Old paintings looked so very complicated, like, how the hell did I do THAT?  So I chose my favorite subject, tiny bird, and sort of diddled for a few moments.  This is an arctic bird, really tiny.  Imagine, little things like this living in that hellishly cold place.  HP has such interesting ideas.  So, goodbye 2012, year of the anti-depressant, year of therapy, 23rd year of sobriety.  I have cut back, leaving behind one sponsee that wasn't working out for me, and ending a service commitment.  Now committed to healing, which is a longer process now that I am so very, very old.  I find it hard to get excited about very much at this age, though my recent automobile drama kind of tweaked me for a while.  I bent a wheel hitting a curb, in Oakland, land of the most convoluted freeways in the known universe, in the dark, in the rain, and thought, after a perusal, that all was fine.  So I drove home, while the shocks were ever so merrily eating my front tire.  The dogs were with me, it poured in Biblical proportions, and we arrived home, all safe and with a minimum of fuss, considering.  It wasn't until I looked at it the next day that I noticed that, instead of a 90 degree angle with the ground, the wheel was canted at about 85 degrees.  That looked expensive.  After a lot of logistics, and about $1,200 it is fixed.  I think that HP does not think I can handle money, since it just seems to melt away.  Sigh.  Could have been much worse.  Grateful, and planning on paying much better attention.  In the New Year.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Love on the hoof...

Here is my daughter and son-in-law's new poopie, Roux.  It is such fun watching them loving this dog.  They just got their first house, you know.  Nesting so sweetly.  Ah, I remember those days.  Except there were already four kids, one of mine and three of his, and the quiet nesting never happened.  Well, now it is.  I am happily nested here with the Pickle and the Punkin, and no one to ask "what's for dinner" or "where are you going" and "when will you get back".  Just the little yellow house, with its resident mice scurrying around in the night time, and furry barking machines, currently on their daily patrol of the fence in the backyard.   I think a cup of candy cane tea is in order.  Yes.