"We Three"

"We Three"

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wabisabi, again...

This is just so much fun!  Big painting for me, messy but (I hope) artful.  I don't know what artful is, but I know it when I see it, and especially when I don't   Wabisabi is right up my alley; free and kinetic with lots of movement and fiddling around with palette knives and putty knives and sponges and a spray bottle as well as big, big brushes and gobs of paint.  A trip to Blick is on the calendar for several more of these cradled boards.  Don't even need to frame those suckers!  How great is that!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wabisabi me...

Once upon a moment, I took a "friend" with me to help me mat and frame a favorite photograph.  She perused it as we stood at the counter in the artsy frame shop, and finally said "Well, there is all this little crap in the flowers."  Gee, you think?  It was lovely pink blossoms glistening with dew in the freaking GARDEN, what did she expect?  And I decided two things then; she was not good friend material, and my art was always going to be about imperfection.  Later, in school, I was introduced to wabisabi, a whole school of imperfection that the Japanese have cherished for centuries.  And whenever I get tired of laboring pickily at a piece, which I am wont to do on occasion, forgetting my emblematic work, the all-over-the-place colors and worshiping the delight of showing my process to the world, I do something like this piece, very fast and with a lot of elan.  And sometimes it just comes up like a little miracle here in the tiny studio in the little yellow house, and proclaims itself wondrous.  At least, I think so.  More coming. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Help me! I'm atuck on mushrooms!

It all started at Blick, where I fell in love with these little 6 inch square canvases and thought, gee, let's paint a tiny opus of something.  How that morphed into mushrooms is anybody's guess, my mind just works like that.  This is No. 2 in the series, and it began with a violent green background with abyssmal blue shadows.  I was meditating yesterday and saw that my first image was way too out there, so I played with it today, and now it is kind of sweet.  Messy, but sweet.  They are kind of joyous fungi now, all plump and pink and ready for the marinara sauce.  I haven't worked in paint for a while, unless it was to slap it around in an abstract kind of manic way, and it was a challenge.  Do I work all tight?  Answer to that is NEVER.  I am not a picky picky person.  I just slapped here, too.  Don't like it?  Put on some more paint.  More coming.  This is FUN.