"We Three"

"We Three"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Naked people and I...

I really love my figure drawing class, especially this morning, when we had a new model, this really buffed out, young, handsome black guy, Walter. No this is not Walter. I also had my midterm review with Kevin, sweet guy, and this was one of the drawings he praised, even though the shoulder area is too small, and probably the shins are too short. Both are areas I need to pay attention to. There is just so much to think about there, the areas where the bone should be evident, non-parenthetic limbs (the muscles are off-set, in case you haven't ever noticed), the size of hands and feet (much bigger than I think they are, actually). And there has been some improvement, and far less major disasters than the last time I took this class. Actually, I think I just want everyone to see me carrying my ever so artful black portfolio I bought myself a few semesters ago. After all, I am an art major, and it is good to look serious when being reviewed. And I am, really, I am. I just want to be ever so much better than I am. Practice, you say? Yes.


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Timo said...

Aloha Cowwoman, I think you are seriously becoming a wonderful artist. All the Best. Aloha, Timo

Karen Martin Sampson said...

Found you by just cruising...nice blog! I too am in your age bracket and appreciate the viewpoint of another
"older", "mature," - scratch those - how about "wise elder?" Well, the wisdom I feel is questionable, but being older has it's compensations. I would enjoy seeing your drawings. I am a working artist and give workshops, including in life drawing. Glad you are not afraid to pursue your dream.