"We Three"

"We Three"

Friday, October 01, 2010

Ah, life on life's terms!

Late morning in the little yellow house. I am here in the office/library/music room, and so are the fur people. Look pretty innocent, don't they, Boo at his requisite four feet away from the dreaded Pickle, who is curled up at my feet. Yet, even as they just lay there on the recently vacuumed carpet, they are making a mess. Another vacuum cleaner bit the dust, or rather, the dog hair, this week, necessitating a trip to WalMart for a new sucker-upper. This time I got one that specializes in dog hair. Yeah, that'll work. I can bet you these sweet dewy-eyed creatures can murder this one in less than a year. Well, they are worth it, my poopies. Dog hair all over the place is really just little bits of love. And everyone who loves me expects me to arrive with a fine coat of my own, black on light clothes, blond on dark. Equal opportunity dog hair.

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

Yes, the fur children are hard to beat! We have four dogs. We got a Dyson vacuum that is for animal hair and it has lasted four years so far and still going strong. I have to vacuum pretty much every day...well it should be twice a day...but some times I can't face it:-) I like your premise that the hair is just little bits of love floating around...I'll remember that the next time I start to feel a bit irritated by once again having to clean up after them...