"We Three"

"We Three"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Troubled waters here...

Oh, not in the painting. That is smooth sailing. But I am all turbulent here. Much happening that is tragic all around me. Climbing up onto my tiny island of sanity, painting and just trusting HP to take care of all those other folks who are ill or sitting in a big pile of troubles of their own making, letting it all be what it is supposed to be, knowing I could not change it with all the power available to me. Meanwhile, I actually had a few moments feeling guilty because I don't have the trouble these other folks do. I am like this swan, filled with grace. For the moment, anyway. I know that things can change awfully fast. Not today, okay, HP?

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

Things will be what they will be. Do not feel guilt because you are in a current state of "grace." It is a blessing and you are entitled to it! Feeling sympathy for the troubles of others and having compassion for them is a beautiful thing...sending them good thoughts can actually do a lot to help!