"We Three"

"We Three"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday stuff...

Waiting for my Artist's Way group to arrive, check in and go forward with this week's tasks. Have been pretty vigilant, done my %#^*% morning pages most days, artist's date every week, and a selection of that week's tasks most of the time, too. Really think I have come along here, as I am producing several pieces a week, some good, some really kind of twitch like this one, not done yet, but gee, I see promise here, as well as some audacity. Just went online to check one of my mentor's websites, and wow, I can leave things just as sketchy as I like, yes! Actually, I am more and more excited by this process, and, perhaps, please HP, I will find my particular bent, the one that identifies ME in every painting or pastel. You think? Or, do I even need that? Ah, questions are good. Actually, better than answers in many ways, because there are so many ways one could go, and an answer is so very structured. Not my style, structure.


Karen Martin Sampson said...

I love your approach to drawing and painting - there is a lot of honesty and warmth and you are definitely developing a style of your own. I like the "sketchy" look. My only suggestion for this piece is to rethink the colour of the deer's neck and head - it is so different from the colour of the body that it appears almost stuck on from some other animal! Easy enough to fix by adding some of the warm tones you have used in the body.

WomanwhoWavesatCows said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I already did some of that. I get all excited, and take a photo, before I really look into the piece. And I shortened his nose, too. My work these days is a distraction from the loss of Boo, and I think it is my saving grace. Lack of attachment to the outcome is new, and everything feels like a big surprise. How sweet is that?