"We Three"

"We Three"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The official state of the Punk report...

You know that my secret of happiness is to be a cheap date.  Just doesn't take a lot to spin my beany.  And my current source of luminous happiness is the fact that the Punk learned how to go out the dog door yesterday.  And today, he seems to have the knack of coming back in, too.  Big yay.  Does that mean he is house broken?  Nope.  Just means he can get himself around easier, follow the Pickle out every time she goes, and I do not have to jump up to let him out, let him in, let him out, let him in, ...  No accidents in the house in the last couple of days does not mean there will not be some in the future.  He is, after all, only four months old.  He weighs in around six lbs., which is six times the size he was when he arrived.  The best view of him is walking away.  He kind of waddles, and has the most adorable puppy butt.  And he continues to channel Boo's spirit.  Yesterday he burrowed into the throw pillows on the bed the same way dear Boo did.  Next milestone is to get him to sleep in. 

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Kay said...

so cute..glad he is being a "big Dog" now!