"We Three"

"We Three"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Close, but no cigar...

I work very hard when depicting the animals to keep their essence and shy away from anthropomorphizing them into Hallmark card cuteness.  Just couldn't do it with this creature.  And I am far from satisfied with her even now, just tired of smearing pastels around for a while.  It is the ultimate ennui of artists when their vision does not materialize on the paper or canvas.  Sometimes it is something better, something magical.  Often it is not.  Whatever.  Every piece teaches me something I need to know about this craft.  I think this one taught me to focus better on the subject.  Head was too big, eyes too far apart, body to thick.  AAAAARRRRGGHH!  Still, it was fun.  Now to put her away, start something new, with lessons tucked into my pocket for future reference.

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Katharine Norris said...

Jonnie, my name is Katharine Norris and I was a fellow student in a watercolor class with you taught by Marsha Connell. Later, the following summer, I was a fellow student in her plein air painting class at Pepperwood Preserve (summer of 2010). I always loved your work and I have, over the ensuing years, read your blog & seen more of your beautiful work. I have kept painting, and last July rented a small studio/gallery space in Guerneville which I share with a local black & white photographer (Suzy Kuhr). We call the space "Kuhr-Norris Studio & Gallery" and we participate in the First Friday Art Walk each month. Our gallery has a page on Facebook, so you can check it out there. Also I have a blog at
katharine-way2see@blogspot.com where you can check out my paintings. I am wondering if you would like to show at my gallery one First Friday? My email is katharinefrances@gmail.com