"We Three"

"We Three"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glad that is decided...

Just read in my AARP bulletin that dogs are decidedly smarter than cats. The trick is their social skills, trait that the felines have never caught on to. Solitary species have less developed brains than more social animals, like monkeys, dolphins, and dogs. My two are pretty sweet, so it doesn't matter all that much how smart they are. Well, not most of the time. I do like that when I growl at them, they both automatically move to the other side of the bed. Not so crazy about the fact that if I get out of bed, they will move into my spot, every time. Could be they just like the warmth, but truly, they are just so devoted to me, they want to sleep in my scent. How adorable is that! Such a wonder, these little guys. Love on the hoof.


Kay said...

I love dogs. My pugs do the same thing. I am not fond of the fact that they get on the pillow. I prefer to think they are keeping the bed warm for Mom..but that could be way off the mark!!! My German Shepherd sleeps at my feet. Hence the need for a king size mattress. Why is it that I end up on the extreme edge without enough covers for my rear?

Karen Martin Sampson said...

We have four dogs, three Border Collies and an Australian Shepherd, all up there on the intelligence chart...but I am also a cat lover from way back and I always noticed their supreme intelligence- they are just too smart to flaunt it like dogs do:-)