"We Three"

"We Three"

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Oh, for that waistline again...

Here is the cowwoman at 14 years of age, about to toddle across the stage in her first heels for her 8th grade graduation. My mother didn't give me a corsage like everyone else, but a little wreath for my ponytail. Already, I am embarrassed. I remember little of these days, mostly because I was so worried all the time. Am I okay here? I was so different from all the other kids, miles taller, kind of awkward and athletically challenged, like I tripped over my own feet just walking. It would have been so different if I were the person I am today, much more self-assured. Well, on most days. Just recently I had a turtle day, just pulled into the shell, never got out of the PJs, shuffled around the house in fluffy socks, piddled at the pastel-du-jour, and hid from the big bad world. Costco lured me out of that funk, and here I am, all dressed and blown-dry and made-up, and it is only 11 AM! Progress, not perfection. Sigh.


Kay said...

cute photo..I was asked if I would want to be a teenager again..only if I could remember everything I know now about myself!!! I haven't seen a waist in so long..what is that?

M said...

You were beautiful! Isn't it sad that we can't go back to our old selves and give them some reassurance, a little pat on the shoulder or something and let them know that everything will be okay. I was so sad in 8th grade too.