"We Three"

"We Three"

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm not weird. I'm just a limited edition!

I read that on my Facebook page this morning. When they are not posting spiritual bon mots, my FB friends find all the lol graphics, videos, and nutso sayings. It is a plethora of humaness, my FB page. Was all excited to be within 99 friends of my son, then he got three more. That is the new status symbol for the Nerd Herd, you know. I have 222 friends currently. Two of them are dead, but I'm keeping 'em anyway! Really, I disgust myself sometimes. Now looking at my fridge and thinking I could probably divest myself of some of this stuff. Obviously, the skinny model picture is not keeping me from delving into the innards of it for things like pumpkin cheesecake (remnant of last night's potluck, and hey, I ate it solo for breakfast - eggs, cheese, sounds healthy to ME) of lemon triple gingersnap ice cream, what a wonderful world it is that makes lemon triple gingersnap ice cream! Ever since Boo left the planet, I have been indulging every appetite that had been happy to deprivate before. One of my refrigerator mottos seems to have gotten lost, but it said "This too shall pass", and yes I am looking forward to the day when I can take my wobbly bits, now on steroids, back to the gym and once again feel like sugar-free Jello is a worthy dessert. Meanwhile, it is verging on 11 AM, I am still in my full jammies and robe, bedhead all over the place, and pondering whether to get dressed or take an extra bath, since that would warm me up and I could turn off the heater. Decisions, decisions.


Kay said...

I have been indulging in long fret full naps this week. Lost my Frankie Pug on Tuesday to a sudden heart attack and I miss his smoochable face. I even miss his massive award winning burps!!! I have lost many pets over the years and it never gets easier..guess I would worry if it did get easy.

WomanwhoWavesatCows said...

Oh, much love and sympathy, dear woman. The Boo died suddenly, too, from heart failure. Didn't seem right that he marched right into the emergency vet on his jaunty red lead, only to be put to sleep four hours later. But he never suffered, was his (somewhat slowed down) jaunty self the day before, and I had the grace to be able to hold him as he breathed his last breath. Thank HP for the Pickle, who is filling in admirably and keeping me from burrowing permanently under the quilts. Blessings.