"We Three"

"We Three"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sparkles, what a joy!

I went to Penney's the other day to get a new battery in an old watch, because my current one had a floppy latch, and I was tired of it, you know how it is, day in, day out, same old face. And the battery guy was on a break, and I got tired of standing there waiting for him, so I mosied up to the counter, and I bought this one. I do not wear jewelry very much, just earrings (three, because I have two holes on one ear, there's a story there), my little charm on a gold chain around my neck, the triangle in the circle, the AA symbol (it is my secret handshake in the world- only other recovering folks know what it is), and my watch. Wish I didn't have to wear a watch, but the whole world seems to revolve around the face of the clock, even when one is retired and not expected to show up on time, anywhere. Don't know why I chose this one. It was kind of a reward for paying off a big debt, and, at the time, I thought I had money. That turned out to be a fallacy after a trip to the dentist, which occasioned a trip to the bank to borrow more to pay for a lot of necessary dental work, so I guess I am glad I got this pretty watch when I did. And it was not expensive, not by a longshot, and it was on sale, too, and every time I look at it, I feel rich. Strange, and wonderful. Such a small thing gives me so much joy. Simple pleasures are the best, you know.


Karen Martin Sampson said...

There is something about a little touch of sparkly elegance that definitely is uplifting! I am so glad you bought that watch for yourself - a well deserved gift to yourself. Every time you look at it, it will no doubt bring a little smile to your face. Hope your dental work has turned out well and that you are no longer in pain. I don't comment a lot on your blog but I always read it when I see it posted!

WomanwhoWavesatCows said...

I do love your sweet support. Mouth is better, hope to get back to gym soon. Lots of ice cream being consumed. Sort of think I deserve a sweet treat. And yes, the watch makes me so very happy. I want to read YOUR blog, if you have one. We are so in tune.