"We Three"

"We Three"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A good hard look at things...

So, I was sitting at the women's meeting this noon, listening to this quirky, funny woman share her experience, strength and hope, and she was talking about getting noticed, how she was always in this LOOK AT ME mode, because, like so many of us, she felt herself to be without any redeeming worth, and I looked down at my new faux fur vest, very soft and also very showy, gee, maybe that goes on for me? You think? I have always been a clothes horse. In high school, I was named best dressed, and I set some of the trends, like pleated skirts and knee socks, not a new look, but one that had not made it to northern California yet, for sure. I asked my sponsor once if she thought I was vain, and her reply was that there is nothing wrong with putting your best face and foot out in the world. And, gee, I got my new vest at TJMaxx, very reasonable. And I feel great in it. That is the wonderful part of it all, feeling great. And if I feel great, I think I look great, and then, whether I do or not, I am free to put my attention on others, like YOU. So I took all my elan and wonder and put it into this quick little study of koi. Kind of showy, themselves, you know.


Debra said...

Just thought I'd send a note to let you know you have a reader in Toronto, Canada...I stumbled upon your blog about two years ago, and look forward to reading your posts when I take little breaks at work. I admire your strength, character and talent...and my heart goes out to you on your loss of Boo.
All the best,

Debra said...
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WomanwhoWavesatCows said...

Bless you, dear woman. I write to keep my sanity, observe my world, both inner and outer. No unobserved life for the cowwoman!