"We Three"

"We Three"

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Now that all is said and done...

...all the pretty wrappings now reside in a garbage bag, sigh. Strange how that happens. The day itself, Christmas Day, I spent ignoring the holiday, as usual. I spoke at the meditation meeting this morning, then had a latte and a (usually forbidden and totally self-indulgent) cinnamon walnut croissant at the Cafe on my way to meet friends for the matinee of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. All of us were just up to our earballs with the fluffy, frothy Santaish fare being spoon fed over the last couple of weeks. We were itching for some blood and guts and vicarious violence, and this movie came through admirably. Plus one of the most riveting films I saw this year, and one of the best performances from the newcomer who portrayed Lisbeth, admittedly one of the most provocative literary characters in decades. Daniel Craig was not all that hard to look at, either. We felt satisfied leaving the theater, then headed for our sweet diner that is conveniently open on the holiday, for super wonderful hamburgers. Yes, it was one for the books, this year's forgotten holiday. Now waiting for the electronic sewer that is television to catch up and give me something worth sinking my jaded teeth into, too. Happy, happy.


Kay said...

Your Christmas day sounds like one I would like. We were going to see Sherlock Holmes but didn't have the money. We are putting off the "gift-giving" so it feels more like giving for the sake of giving not the pressure of a holiday dictating along with retail pushiness. Yes I kind of missed the presents under the tree but it really lessened the stress level.

Karen Martin Sampson said...

We don't do a big deal over Christmas here. No tree and only send a few gifts out to select relatives and one or two for our grandson. I long ago quit buying decorative wrapping paper (although I love looking at them!) but decided it is too wasteful and bad for the environment. Using tissue paper and painting my own designs on it is sometimes an option and looks very good! I also save paper for YEARS! We did up a nice vegan holiday feast and it was just me, Bob and the three dogs. I do wish I lived nearer my son and other family but used to dread all the commotion of big family get togethers - be careful what you wish for!