"We Three"

"We Three"

Saturday, December 31, 2011

And now for something completely precious...

I have spent my life the object of ridicule for my over the moon emotions. I cry over TV commercials, you know, "We bring good things to life", wah. Strangely enough, as I have become more and more sober, 22 years now, that has simmered down a lot. I didn't cry, for instance, at my darling daughter's wedding, though I carried insurance with me in the form of a tiny silver bag filled with Kleenex. But a tear or two escaped at Christmas when the adorable couple gifted me with this album. Their photographers, Paco and Betty, are sooooo creative. This is the most dear album of wedding pictures ever put together, I am sure. Of course, it helps that the happy couple are beautiful young people, and happy as bears at a picnic, after waiting 11 years, finishing educations, embarking on careers, and standing up for dozens of their friends who walked this path before them. It gave darling daughter much to contemplate as she designed their day. The 13 months spent planning paid off handsomely, as it was just a delightful, thoughtful, precious event. I am lugging this album everywhere to show off the gorgeous couple, and my new kid. Just blessed here.


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Karen Martin Sampson said...

Oh, I definitely think you need to haul that album with you everywhere and show it off! I bet you have looked at many other people's "precious" photos and oohed and awed over them. Now it's your turn! I really wish I could come over and see that album in person! I happen to love looking at other people's photos - they are always fascinating to me.Hope you have a wonderful and Happy New Year and don't be embarrassed by things like crying at tv commercials...not enough of us acknowledge our feelings I think these days.