"We Three"

"We Three"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to basics, never a bad idea...

I just did my zen dishwasher emptying. I get all in the moment, and mindfully put away all those sparkly clean dishes, and wow, what an abundance. Do you think it matters that some of these dishes came from WalMart? No one minds that when I put out little red bowls full of nuts or other tidbits, or make my Country Captain curry or serve Costco cheesecake. And I love all these prosaic little plates and bowls. They came to me since my third divorce, when I divested myself of bunches of stuff I never wanted to see again. Objects, you see, tend to get all bound up in memories and emotions for me. All of these were bought by ME, for ME, because I wanted or needed them. They are like precious jewels, all neatly piled on shelfpaper printed with rosebuds. It is good once in a while to reflect on how sweet my life actually is. Everything I need is here with me in the little yellow house, even a box of those amazing almond butter cookies from TJs. But that's another cupboard entirely!

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Kay said...

you make me long for my own little place!!! wonderful post