"We Three"

"We Three"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A different art altogether...

My mother sews. Until recently, like since she turned 90, she sewed or knitted most of her own clothes, made pillows and curtains and afghans. She still crochets potholders and sells them at the little consignment shop in her little town for a little bit of $$$. She was a child of the Great Depression. Thriftiness runs in her veins. And she insisted that I know how to do all those things, too. I took a sewing class in 8th grade, and another in high school. And I did some of those things, like make dresses and knit sweaters and afghans, embroidered samplers, made piped chair cushions with matching tie-backs for the kitchen, quilted a wall hanging for over the fireplace, crocheted baby blankets, on and on and on, happy hands at home. That was then. Now, I own this spiffy sewing machine that I purchased from a friend, one after my own heart, who owns the creme de la creme of stuff, and traded up for a spiffier machine that does monogramming and embroidering. This one will do for me. And I am in the process of sewing up 18 table runners for little kiddo's wedding in July. You would have thought I was in the midst of a designer's runway showing, I was in such a tizz about this whole project. First, I couldn't remember how to fill a bobbin or thread the needle. Got out the manual, and was still flummoxed. Dear sewing friend found a video she still had. That helped. I got over it. My next challenge was to buy this folding 6 foot table at Costco, ever so reasonably priced at $50, as these runners are 9 feet long and I wanted to be ever so careful when measuring and cutting them out. I got the table into my cart (hella-heavy, that sucker), and into the car. Where it lived for the next week, as I happily drove it around town. I was in that funk we talked about, and just couldn't get off the launching pad. Finally, I got it into the house, yay. It sat in the corner of the kitchen for another week before I moved furniture around and set about opening it up. It seemed glued shut. Aaaaaarrrrgggh! A friend of the male persuasion stopped by, he opened it up for me, and yesterday, only 3 little days later, I cut out all the runners, and sewed up two of them. Sewed another one this morning. Looks like they will get done, after all. Worried that people would notice my seams are not particularly straight. Then realized, no one will notice these pieces at all if I do them reasonably well. Humility oozing from every pore.

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Kay said...

I love this post! I love that your new table was taken for rides around town. My bales of hay and some artwork have been traveled as well!!! Good luck on the runners..they will be fine I am sure.