"We Three"

"We Three"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Humility on a whole different level...

When i have been down, as I have been lately, I like to CHANGE something, and that thing I usually change is my hair. And usually, the change is so very subtle, no one but I knows that it is any different. That is not what happened today. I had used just a smidge of a frosting, and it kind of went blond on me, so I decided I had not left it on long enough, and gave it another, more all-over 55 minutes, and wound up with a real mop of yellow blond hair, just what I didn't want. It is a testament to my humility level that I went to the noon meeting like that. When I got home, I tried stipping some of the color out with hot olive oil. No go. So I decided it needed a cut anyway, and headed over to Supercuts where my sweet Jaimie was not too backed up, and hey!, there is a beauty supply place next door. They gave me some good advice, a toner that will take out the brassisness, and here is where we are at the moment. Not as silver as I like it, but you know, I seem to remember that it got that way after I frosted it to begin with, and then swam three or four days a week for a while. And it just so happens I have begun to do that again. I can live with this color for a while. And I can always tone it again, too. I like the idea that there are no mistakes, just lessons to be learned. Check this one off the list.


Kay said...

I think that is a pretty color. I used to color back when I was a teen. Now it is gray and brown and I won't color it..hoping it goes completely silver sooner than later..actually I was thinking of coloring it..silver!!!

Becky said...

I have been coloring my hair myself on and off for the past 20 years so I have had my share of odd haircolors. One time when I was meeting my to be daughter in law for the first time I had orange hair. Yes, orange, bright orange. She was a good sport about it and still brings it up from time to time so I didn't scare her away from the family!