"We Three"

"We Three"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dogs of other days...

Here is Beany. Cute, isn't he. Yeah. He is visiting for the afternoon, and will soon be sojourning here in the little yellow house for a whole two weeks. Goodie. Beany is a terrier. That is terror with an extra syllable. He came to live with us when we lived in the house on the edge of the world, where the neighbors were far, far away, and everyone had a dog. Nature's alarm system, you know. And when I returned to civilization, Beany stayed on there, since that was where his beloved, the wild man artist was. And now he lives in the wilds of East County, on many, many acres where his barkiness is not a problem. Here is different. Here are neighbors all over the place, going tsk tsk at best, and WTF at worst. Have locked him in for a while to give the neighborhood a rest. Hasn't shut him up. Even as we speak, he is pressing his nose against the back door and yapping his tiny mouth off. Till this moment, I have only worn my ear plugs at night. That is about to change. God had someone else in mind when he made Beany. Excuse me. I have to go yell a little.

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Timo said...

He doesn't bark that much at home...only when he's surprized by something or someone stops in...or you're trying to have a conversation while one person is in a vehicle...or when he notices a deer on the hillside. Anyway I say loudly & firmly "BEANIE QUIT!" and he usually shuts up... for a few minutes anyway. Repeat as needed for ear pain. Sorry, he's just a few cards short of having a full deck. Maybe we should get him a shock collar for when he's visiting you.?