"We Three"

"We Three"

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Okay, maybe NOW it is done.

I remembered what my teacher said about value contrast and went back into this little rendering with an eye to lights and darks. Frankly, there are folks working in this medium who do really detailed work, and I marvel at that, because it is so very messy and I can so easily get the painterly look I so love, why would one want to get all nitpicky? But then I worry that my vision is not fine enough for the FINE ARTS crowd. And then I look at artists like Matisse and Cezanne and see that their work was definitely on the fuzzy side. Richard Diebenkorn! Wayne Thiebaud! In the end, I am just happy that the fruit now resembles oranges more than it did peaches. I like it now. Most of what I do is accidental anyway. When I try to get all deliberate, I get murky, ugly stuff. Right brain. Staying in the moment. Hell, I love surprises.

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Kay said...

Definitely lovely effects with the pastels..yes they look like those juicy little Clementine oranges..yummy! I often wonder how people get pastels to look so detailed. Frankly I am of the mind to take a photo if I want detail. I love the super soft and buttery Unison pastels. I bought a small set in London from a really wonderful old art shop where the cupboards and drawers were full of powdered pigments. I bought one sheet of pastel paper and they took it to the basement to carefully roll it and wrap it! Such service. I carried that brand spanking new box of pastels for 4 weeks in Europe and never used them. Kind of like that fresh piece of paper staring at you..I haven't wanted to disturb the little handrolled babies in their foam bed! But I will get them out and play.