"We Three"

"We Three"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday. Blah, blah, blah...

Sundays are my least favorite day. There's no mail to look forward to. Television sinks to its most inane (no Bones reruns). Once upon a time, in life number one, they were hellish because of crushing hangovers that I couldn't complain about and had to muscle through doing all kinds of chores to show how sane and happy I was. Earlier, Sunday meant an hour cringing in a pew at St. Sebastian's, hoping my German grandmother would not notice when I rested my butt against the seat to take the weight off my knees on the tortuous, unpadded kneelers. So, today, I slept in till noon. Felt just fine, actually. The dogs and I had a leisurely brunch of pancakes with apricot (sugar-free) spread, walnuts, cinnamon and Cool Whip, with a cup of steaming Sumatra on the side. Then I headed out to the sensibly timed meeting at 2PM, then to Costco for tapioca pudding, among other things. Have been thinking. Most people are not beautiful. I looked for them while plying the aisles, and found two possible candidates, both young women, both blond, neither one particularly happy, and you would think beauty would be a cause for continuous joy, wouldn't it? Oh, well, I bought the dogs another bed, this time a huge fleecy cushion that I can throw down beside the bed so they have somewhere to go when they get kicked off of it in the night for fidgeting. Everyone needs a nice fleecy place to lay down, I think. Yes, I'm rambling here. It's that kind of day. It's 5:30. Think that is too early to curl up in bed with a mystery novel and International French Vanilla Coffee? Yeah, probably.

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Kay said...

never too early for a good cuppa. Sounds like you had a good day. I drank some coffee, went up to my studio..had to wear sunglasses and put the window down it was so warm and sunny. I gathered some stuff so I can make some journals and atcs, and cloth beads..then home to clean out the desk so I could get the tax stuff together. Now I just need to do the taxes. Hubby will be home from swing shift soon. I watched nature about the wild Himalayan mountains and Masterpiece theater. That is a good day for me!! I don't hate Sundays..growing up a Congregationalist I never had to kneel! Ouch!