"We Three"

"We Three"

Friday, February 11, 2011

Trying new things is good for my soul, right?

I am kind of timid about putting details in the background of my paintings. So I put this homely little figure in this environment. Had to get out my ruler to do it. I could have been even more detailed, but the pastels haven't allowed me to get very tight. I have decided that is because of the paper I am using, Fabiano watercolor paper, which is what the artist I am emulating uses in his work, which is very loose. So, surprise! My work remains loose even when I try to get some details in. Next experiment is with some new textures of paper. Certainly, one can always loosen it up later. In fact, that is my usual MO. Not unhappy with this rendering, actually. In terms of what I was aiming for, it is very successful. She looks a little like Carrie Bradshaw, doesn't she. I have gone in a couple of times to make her more attractive, without endowing her with that terminal prettiness we see on the boob tube all the time. No long flowing locks, either. I think she is interesting looking. Interesting will keep me looking at her a lot more than prettiness. Just keep plugging along. Something good will always emerge.


Kay said...

I think she is delightful. There is a naive quality that is interesting. Have a great weekend..wave at some cows for me.

Karen Martin Sampson said...

I also think this is a delightful work. For more detail you need to use Canson's non-textured papers. My favorite is the Flannel Grey. There is just enough tooth to hold the pigments. Also, using hard pastels along with soft is a good idea if you want more detail. I use the Prismacolour but there are now some other good brands out there. I use pastel pencils also when I want detail, especially Conte, DerWent, and Bruynzeel brands.