"We Three"

"We Three"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rain? Again?

Yes, we needed it. But rain poses a whole series of PROBLEMS when one has a dog or two. My little guys are free-ranging, going in and out the doggie door into the backyard whenever spirit moves them. Then they mosey on back in, with feet all wet and muddy. This would not be a problem if they would come in when I called them. Yeah. That'll happen. I solved this particular problem by closing the door behind them, and letting them stew on the back steps till I am ready and equipped to deal with them. I keep a bunch of old towels handy to wipe them down, and yesterday, I put a pie pan of warm water by the door, too, to wash off their little footsies. How smart am I! And it all would have worked, if I had only one dog. Dealing with two squirmy poopies is another thing altogether. Once they are reintroduced to the interior of the house, I decided to take the dog steps away from the bed, because I am tired of washing the top quilt every few days. Then I felt sorry that they were being deprived of their memory-foam heaven, so I bought this big fluffy dog doughnut at Costco, and for the longest time, nobody laid down on it. So I threw Boo onto it. He got the idea, and Pickle, smart-heart that she is, followed suit. Until this morning, they have never gotten onto it together, but look! Rare and heart-swelling moment! I am thinking that I could do my own reality show, the Poopie Wrestler, what with all the gyrations we go through here on rainy days, give Dog the Bounty Hunter and all those Bridezillas a run for their money.


Kay said...

ha..biggest reason I never installed doggie door!

Karen Martin Sampson said...

We had four large dogs (now down to three, unfortunately), and they want in and out constantly. I keep towels on the kitchen floor by the back door where they enter and have trained them to lie down on it while I wipe of feet and dry their backs. It even sort of works...I still find muddy footprints all over though.