"We Three"

"We Three"

Thursday, February 03, 2011

So much muchness...

I have been thinking a lot lately. Usually this just gets me into trouble, but this time, I am coming from the thinker's position, witnessing what is all about me. A word kept coming up in my presence: rich. Now, in terms of my bank account and income, not so much. But in terms of my environment, my possessions, and the ambiance of my dwelling, I am rich beyond words. I have five rooms in the little yellow house. All of them are MY ROOM. I can be in any one of them at any moment. Today's featured room is the kitchen. Abundance of counter space. Working appliances. Potholders hand crocheted by my mother. The platter behind my dear red cannisters is a gift from my friend in Mexico, and the round box under my photo of plums held my Christmas gift from another friend. On my refrigerator is the "Save the Date" card from my daughter and her fiance, who are marrying in July. My microwave is beeping at me that my hot water is, well, hot. The cow butter dish I found at the thrift store while scoping out extra large clothing to wear while painting. It is probably my favorite thing in this marvelous room. It is full of love. And the refrigerator holds all my favorite foods: tortillas, avacadoes, pico de gallo salsa, tapioca pudding, Greek yogurt, Cool Whip (lite), broccoli slaw, baby greens, carrots, Jello cups (sugar-free), eggs, skim milk, five kinds of (lite) salad dressing, sparkling cider, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, and a great big square glass jar of my darling Sumatra coffee beans. Rich beyond words when that sucker is full, as it is today.

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Kay said...

you made me smile.. I would love my kitchen to be just like that!!!