"We Three"

"We Three"

Monday, February 14, 2011

What to do with a rainy day and a few pastels...

Thought I would try something entirely different. I mean, what use were those two semesters of figure drawing if I didn't do a figure once in a while. Cannot tell if she is okay or not, certainly not from the photograph. In the reference photo, she had on a sweater. I just made her up from the neck down, trusting my memory of the gals I drew lo those long-ago days in Kevin's class. He would lurk around the outside, and point out all my faults. Didn't give me many strokes until the final review. Well, he always wanted me to challenge myself. How delighted he would be here. My gal has gone from having hair to the moon, to being more restrained, and since I don't have a flesh colored pastel, she looks a little jaundiced in some places. More to do. Good to keep busy and out of trouble while the rain falls.

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Kay said...

I think it looks like you remembered your classes! At least you did art today..I have been doing taxes..whew now done!