"We Three"

"We Three"

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The state of the Boo report...

Boo is sick. I think. Actually, at the moment, he doesn't look any different from this picture, when he was well. Whatever is happening comes in episodes, with hacking and discomfort. No pain that I can discern. And, of course, this started Saturday night, when his vet was closed up tight till Monday morning. He had another episode in the night, and again this morning, at 6 frigging o'clock. I got up, dressed, deoed, combed, brushed, flushed, and was all ready to haul him to the (very expensive) emergency vet, when he laid down and went back to sleep. Smart little guy. He showed his usual enthusiasm over my French toast, and got his usual tiny tidbit. Pickle was outside barking, and he showed little interest, but then, he is no ball of fire these days and often eschews joining the Pickle in her backyard patrol duties. So, not planning on any activities that take me far away today. It's all okay. I have a great book and plans for another pastel painting and still have fear of sewing machine to conquer. It would be nice if whatever is wrong with the Boo were to resolve itself, or at least wait till tomorrow morning. And I thought when the kids were grown up enough to tell me where it hurts that this kind of distress was behind me. Aaaaaarrrggh.

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

I can relate! One of our four dogs, eldest at 13, had to be euthanized a week and a half ago and then we had to have another trip to the vet last week when our youngest, Kelly, went very lame - he had sprained his "wrist." Over $600 later I am sure hoping no more animal, or other catastrophe occurs until we can get this debt paid off. Sure hope Boo is ok:-)