"We Three"

"We Three"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holy cow! Sometimes, I'm right!

Feeling like a new woman, like Eve here, getting hers from Big Daddy. You all know the cowwoman has been dragging her derriere for the past few months, expecting that THIS TOO SHALL PASS, except it just wasn't. So off to the Dr. for tests, like that was going to help anything. Probably I was just as nuts as I felt, wishing every day I could just stay in bed all day long, like forever. And I was cold all the time. Had to wear a sweater in the summer to go to the market and traverse the refrigerated aisles. So I had blood tests, and today, big surprise, it turns out my thyroid has abandoned ship. There really was a reason for the lousy way I have been feeling for the last year or so. It fluctuates, of course, so every so often, I felt almost human. Then it would tank again, and crash, I would be picking myself off the floor wondering what happened. So, tomorrow, off to Costco for some nifty thyroid hormone, just a teensy dose to begin with. You know what this means, don't you. Faster metabolism! Easier weight maintenance, and loss, which I need to do, just a few pesky lbs. It is always a surprise to find that, symptoms notwithstanding, I really do have that ailment-du-jour up on WebMD! And I am not nuts! Well, still a little, but, then, all the best people are.


Kay said...

wow..great to find out what has kept you down just needs a bit of medicine. Hope it all works out well for you

Karen Martin Sampson said...

So happy you have found out what has been wrong! It is always a good feeling to find out you're not imagining all this stuff and better yet, there is a way to help fix the problem! Wonderful!