"We Three"

"We Three"

Monday, May 09, 2011

The other side of the paper...

Not impressed with this so far. Something is off, and I have changed a lot of things, but have not hit on it, yet. Just not very excited, though he is a handsome beast. Probably just needs to pop out more. More layers! Lots of pigment! Bah. I think I will put him aside, and have some Haagen Dazs. Meanwhile, major barking day for the poopies. Must be a school holiday, because the young'uns have been running up and down the driveway by the side of the house all day, whooping and screaming. Boo and Pickle are hysterical most of the time, anyway, but add a whole big bunch of excitement, and we will need Valium by bedtime, for sure. Or maybe I am the one who needs Valium? Don't do that any more, actually. Maybe a soothing bath, and a cup of vanilla chai.

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Kay said...

I think that the handsome fellow is striking..hope you figure him out. I have neighbors who hometeach their little Damiens (sorry..name I call the seriously disturbed 9 yr. old )..of course that means they scream all day every nice day. Haven't seen crazy mom for a long time and Pakistani father has been keeping low profile..sorry I do go on..just wish kids could play without screaming. And that they didn't own compound bows!