"We Three"

"We Three"

Friday, January 21, 2011

The downside of the "aha" moment...

And how can there be a downside to an absolute revelation? Easy. It could take you a week of fretting and mulling, and yes, even on occasion, worrying to get there. I just couldn't understand why I woke up feeling pretty okay, only to hit the skids again by noon. I was actually disappointed when all my tests were normal! Like, gee, what do you mean I'm HEALTHY? I could tell that wasn't so. Then, last night, I was talking with a friend, and she asked what medication I was taking. And it hit me. The MEDICATION! Of course. I finished it yesterday. I feel almost normal today. What a relief. And here is a reflection of how I have been feeling, kind of ditzy and disorganized and undecided about every frigging little thing. Live and learn. And live and learn. And... well you get the idea.

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Kay said...

Well so glad you are feeling better! And I love the painting. Have a great weekend.