"We Three"

"We Three"

Friday, January 28, 2011

How prosaic can one get?

Back to the basics. No longer searching for unusual or particularly artful images. Let's do what every teenager does all the time, go for the glam. I rendered this from a page of O, which, according to Daniel Pink, new guru I am venerating at the moment, is one of the finest magazines out there today. I fully agree, because it is all about becoming your highest person in this world of objectified beauty and meaningless accumulation of stuff. Anyway, I liked the drawing that came out of my sojourn into fashion. She is kind of anime, actually. My thrust in this current delving into my right brain proclivities is to get that edge that says ARTFUL to me, even if it doesn't to anyone else, because the person who needs to be satisfied is yours truly, otherwise everything I do will wind up in a portfolio in a dusty corner of the studio and will never again be seen by anyone. So I doodle away, partly to have something to show the teacher I take her teaching seriously, and mostly to exercise my abilities and try different processes, like going back into the doodle with a Conte crayon and giving it a one/two punch of value contrast, as I did here. Made it much more dynamic than the original sketch. Left brain to think of that, right brain to do it. Ah, working in concert. Such a blessing.

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Kay said...

Funny that you did this drawing. I was thinking the other day of indulging myself and drawing dragons, Pegasus, weird critters..just to jump start the imagination. There is a girl who rents a studio down the hall from mine and she is such a sweet girl and hangs her model drawings in the hall. They are nothing to shout about but her happiness shows..makes me smile every time I see them. Just like this one did.