"We Three"

"We Three"

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy epiphany...

Otherwise known as the twelfth day of Christmas. Hallelujah! It is officially over, all those smarmy emotional movies done up in red bows, yuck. I celebrated by getting out the pastels and proving to myself that I can make mud in ANY medium. Not awfully unhappy. I let it be all loose and messy, that is my style. I could have worked on it forever, blotting and smoothing out and roughing it up. Whatever. I am taking it out to spray it with fixative, then will probably go back into it again, brighten up the highlights, darken to shadows, scumble the hell out of it. Gee, I love making art.

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Kay said...

me too..at least you are having fun! can't wait to see what else you get done. I had to laugh..I watched dozens of the smarmy movies this holiday season. most of them crappy. I think I wanted to get "in the mood" but it didn't help!